RNA Board Meeting – September 9th, 2014

Attendees: Mark G., Emily G., Matt H., Natasha R., Andy P., Marilyn E. & Guest Brendan Coleman from U Plaza

Agenda was adjusted & approved.

Marilyn: treasure’s report. Some folks registered but didn’t include their dues. After paying back members for ice cream social expenses, final tally
$383.07: checking ; $520.81: savings. Possible donation in honor of RNA member Phil Thiel to one of his preferred charities. To be discussed again next meeting, after determining which charities to which to donate.

Matt: NEDC update. Building 9 discussion redevelopment, in relation to historic preservation & making the building useful to the community, specifically low income uses. Sunday is 90th anniversary of the first flight around the world from Magnuson park, celebration begins at 1:30pm. Some concerns on the Seattle side of the 520 development.

Andy: NE Precinct update. Violent crimes down, auto-theft is way up. Auto-theft is a “feeder crime,” in that they break into or steal a car in order to commit other crime. Also attended the SPD picnic – each department was represented, horses, K-9 units, the mayor; overall well attended by officials & public.

Brendan Coleman: University Plaza BIA tax. Brendan & his wife Susan are very involved in the community, have attended many of the UDLP. U plaza residents were surprised by a notice that the Plaza could be taxed nearly $50,000 over the next 5 years for BIA. All single family, multi-family are exempt – but not the condos. Two concerns: 1) the residents of the plaza, and all condos, to be exempt. 2) boundaries of the BIA, which excludes a large part of community, and gives an inordinate amount of influence/power to the UW, and individuals selected for the board are NOT actual residents or members of institutions within.
They would like to challenge the charges with the support of the greater neighborhood community. Brendan will keep us updated on the situation.

Emily: Discussed the flyer routes, received feedback.

All: November meeting will have EIS presentation, someone from crime prevention, and possibly an update on the ULP. Will ask for potential board members at the Nov meeting.

All: Discussed bylaw changes, Andy suggested having the public vote at the Nov meeting. Clarified roles and terms, there are limits but can be exempted if approved by a vote. Andy will send out her comments and suggestions.


RNA Board Meeting – May 13th, 2014

Attendees: Marilyn E., Natasha R., Judith W., Andy P., Christine K., Mark & Emily Griffin Guests: Joe Gruber with University Food Bank,

Nancy Bocek Agenda: wanting to add EIS. Assuming Mea Geizhals will come.

Meeting minutes from April approved by all present board members.

Marilyn: Treasure’s report. $570 in checking but that isn’t showing the $250 donated to the YMCA. Savings account contains $520.61. Park account has approximately $10. Judith suggested we push for dues payments at the ice cream social and members were in favor. No NEDC update as Matt was absent.

Andy & Christine: NPAC update. New CPT to replace officer Brian Thomas is Officer Michael Lanz. Andy would like RNA members to email her so that she can gather the complaints: two benefits, 1) so that we can know what’s going on and 2) keep him from being overwhelmed from individual contacts. We also have a new crime prevention coordinator, Elizabeth Scott. She will be visiting for our June board meeting. Andy invited both Officer Lanz and Elizabeth Scott to attend our ice cream social. Andy and Christine are hoping to set up a “living room chat” with the officers regarding the crime on the ave.

Guest: Joe Gruber: update on their portion of the capital campaign (also known as “Fight Hunger Build Hope”) in the university commons. Large early gifts have resulted in their being well ahead on their efforts. Kiwanis gave them a $50,000 gift and a large $50,000 challenge grant as well. Still a year left in their fundraising goal. Action Item: Emily to put in newsletter and link to website for RNA members to donate individually if interested.

All Board members & Nancy Bocek: Extensive discussion on the joint application of RNA neighbors and Blessed Sacrament proposal to move urban center boundaries to amend Seattle Comprehensive Plan. Some members expressed concerns about approving the letter with considering some membership objections to being involved with church issues. Decided to have three sponsors/signatories of application: Mark as RNA president, Judith as RNA board member at large and representative of Friends of the RNA, and Fr. Daniel as Blessed Sacrament Parish. Then, Debbie Gonzales from BSP and Nancy from Friends of the RNA will be the contacts for application. Vote results for this application: four members were in favor, two abstaining, one was absent.

Ice cream social date was scheduled for Tuesday, July 22nd. 6:30-8pm. Action Items: flyer should be printed by July 10th. Emily to design flyer – need someone to help PRINT flyers.

Next board meetings will be June 10th & July 8th.

EIS submissions will be due in June.There is an EIS open house on May 20th. Members should review and put together ideas/concerns.

RNA Board Meeting – April 8th, 2014


Attendees: Mark G., Emily G., Joan H, Andy P, Matt H , Judith W

Guests: Jeannie Gorman, Nancy Bocek, Mary Hausladen, Debbie Gonzales


Agenda discussion! All approved of handout items. Matt to keep time for today’s meeting.

Agenda formation: week before Mark to email all board members send in potential items; deadline Thursday before; agenda goes to Friday


Mary to make sandwich boards!! To give to Andy for advertising.


Joan: Treasure’s report; $1460. Costs upcoming: YMCA donation; constant contact payments; website domain & hosting. Marilyn met with Joan, is getting her updated on Treasures duties. Still need to add Marilyn to the credit account.


Matt: to follow up with Joan on yahoo group

Emily: To pay constant contact large payment to reduce costs


Matt: NEDC update – low income housing (80% of KC income) plans in sand point, mixed private & public grants. 2016 new university opening on light rail stations. They expect Burke Gilman to have significantly increased use, so they have plans to expand & widen. Parks Districts issue (email sent earlier, follow up email to be sent).


Andy: NPAC – crime in the area concerns. After initiative 502 was passed but it is harder to stop actual transactions in progress. Andy, having attended so many SPD related meetings, she has been pretty impressed with our law enforcement. Crime: all types of crime are down, except for auto theft. Don’t leave anything visible in your car; don’t leave purses near the front door; don’t put keys in “hidden” places. We are doing a lousy job of reporting suspicious behavior.


Andy: SNAP – fantastic turnout! Project has gone really well, neighbors are working together. Grant was a great opportunity, she highly recommends for other area of our neighborhood.


Debbie Gonzales: churches plans for property. Wants to work with the neighborhood. 1) Conditional use zoning – can only be religious institution, and can only be built under ground (parking lot), with church being a historical landmark can’t build anything other priory. Trying to help improve the parking situation, not make it worse. 2) what they ARE planning, is to gut existing priory and find a place to priests to live during that process. Also to find additional staff & church and community meeting spaces. Intended to look and residential building that doesn’t distract from neighborhood.


Nancy Bocek: additional questions for Debbie. Clarification on zoning requests: church does NOT need L1 to build priory, it just won’t have peaked roof. The church is currently asking for new zoning since they were asked to provide to City about their needs. Nancy would like the board to be careful in the future about what the “RNA” asked for. Would like a community date for the church updates. The letter on downzoning not discussed at all.


RNA Board Meeting – February 13, 2014

Board Member Attendees: Matt Hoehnen, Joan Horn, Andy Perr, Mark & Emily Griffin

Guest speakers: Nancy Bocek, Eric Larson & Judith Wirth. Special guest Stephen Lee; BSP architect

March 11th General Meeting planning: Mark has confirmed with Dave L. to speak. Other speakers to include SNAP, LIHI, Traffic calming.
Food: Matt for pizza
Salads & Desserts from members
Beverages: Judith to bring drinks & coffee
Confirm with Natasha for room

Guest: Stephen Lee – Discussion regarding Blessed Sacrament Parish – the church would like to create additional priory space by extending existing priory into current garden space. Preference is to keep the roof line the same, however, the current zoning would only allow a flat roof. They hope to change the boundary of the urban center so that the church can create a continuous roofline that matches the existing roofline. Judith & Eric expressed concerns with changing the zones and allowing for even taller buildings at a later time.

Eric Larson, Judith Wirth & Nancy Bocek: Concerns about the coming developments to the neighborhood (see circulated document). Their hope is to participate in DEIS, with overall RNA support for their statements. Dave LeClergue recommended to use this opportunity to put forth all the concerns of neighborhood. Very concerned about potentially disturbing the current delicate balance of owner-occupied & rental properties. Need to check with Dave about the process involved to make our concerns known.



RNA Board Meeting – January 21, 2014

Attendees: Joan, Gary, Mark, Emily, John, Marilyn, Natasha, Matt and guest Nico Lund with the Udistrict Daily blog

Nico Lund contact info:
tips@udistrict.com for Udistrict daily info

Joan: Park project has been successfully payed off. Volunteer hours were accounted for and project is officially completed/closed. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your fabulous work, Joan!!

Joan: Treasures report – $1360. Around $10 left in the park fund.

Joan: Traffic calming concerns for Roosevelt and 11th crossings at 52nd. Cars go extremely fast and don’t stop for pedestrians. Potential for funding for calming unsafe traffic. As required by the process, Joan attended a traffic calming class. There are several ways for calming traffic.  The city will collect data on the intersections. As more people become involved, they will help measure the speed as well.  The city will keep in contact, but this does not fit the Neighborhood Street and Fund because it is an arterial.

Gary: Master bicycle plan has been put on pause by a judge – the merchants to be impacted put forth a lawsuit. Micro-housing in capital hill has been used as the very narrow definition of micro-housing; none of the other very small, very extreme high-density projects are being counted as “micro-housing.” Concerns about the project above Traders Joe’s, for “student housing” (see Mark’s update in last month’s board meeting) for 160+ student tenants. Overall high-density/micro-housing problems lie in terminology: if something has a “kitchen” (two burners of a stove and a tiny sink) it isn’t considered as a micro-housing. The RNA concern isn’t a total rejection of micro-housing, but it is a concern how they are categorized and placed, as well as parking concerns (a study in Portland found that 72% of renters in micro-housing have cars).

Gary: Udistrict square update. They are putting together a 501c3. Peter Steinbruek is very involved. It looks unlikely, but they are still working.

Mark: EIS update at the UDP meeting. One option was lower heights in the middle, but more spreads out. Other option was much higher heights but mainly in the south area. First draft to be ready about April.

*Action item: Mark or Matt to have EIS folks or Dave to come speak at the March meeting.

March meeting planning – development representatives for the different projects. Planned speakers: LIHI; Jeannie Muir; EIS; traffic calming idea; SNAP project. Suggestion from Andy that board members wear name tags.

*Action Item: Emily to send out email for volunteers by February 10th
*Action item: Flyers designed & printed by Feb 27th by Emily & Joan

Matt: NEDC update. Not many residents on the UDP, which is concerning. NEDC has letter coming up to suggest residents to placed on the board, at least when a spot opens in future. DPD is doing some pedestrian zoning studies, to create core area that have store-fronts that are people-pedestrian orientated. Roosevelt is NOT one of these areas designated as such. The Ave is.
Next week, NEDC will be talking about about city council districts concerns.

Matt: SNAP update – people to go door-to-door soon. Meeting on Monday, February 24th for the small group, for SNAP, Probably at the UHeights. Prefer to have some board members there. Natasha is interested.

Natasha: UDCS hosting it’s Admission visit days. Sat February 1 & 8th –  there will be rotating cars parking throughout on that days.


RNA Board Meeting – December 10th, 2013

Attendees: Matt H., Mark G, Joan H., Marilyn E., Emily G.

Treasures Report- $1422

Joan – update on park installation. $Bill has come in and Joan is working to establish donated time in order to match the bill.

Meeting in March? Theme ideas. EIS update?

Mark – update on Development above/behind Trader’s. Proposed 175-200 student focused apartments, with a hope for 500 inhabitants. 180 parking spaces (including Trader’s and existing parking).

Matt – UDLP is morphing into UDP, encompasses and supeceedes Udistrict chamber of commerce. 17 members. Would be good to have an RNA member on the board, but none of our current members are prepared to join. However, there could be potential in the future to get an RNA rep. Udistrictpartnership.org

Matt – NEDC update. Potluck in Dec with guests: Roots, Foodbank, Sanctuary Arts. Matt donated $100 of Bartell’s gift cards in RNA’s name. Cycle track discussion on 65th. Sdot is aiming for an interconnected concept for bikes. Laurel hurst is writing a letter to oppose Craig McCaw the Talarus division. Talked to Cory Crocker regarding the 4th district council member, hope to get some money/grant for getting a website going to get communication improved in the area. New UHCC director starting up (living in Edmonds).

Next meeting changed to January 21st (so that Mark & Emily can still attend).

Joan to ask UHCC to rearrange dates for room reservation.



RNA General Meeting – November 12, 2013

President Opening remarks by Mark Griffin

Susan McLain (DPD): they are looking at urban design in the university district. Open space issues. Streetscapes. Green streets. Looking at regulations for zoning and land use. Over the past year, they have rolled out the Urban Design Framework. The EIS is looking at the various impacts in the region based on different land use scenarios. What would happen if there were taller slimmer buildings in certain areas?
Matt Hoehnen: Green street – not to be confused with greenway – what would happen if it was designated as a green street? More pedestrians, better landscaping, a priority investment for the city. (Greenway is more recent, cyclists related. They haven’t been removing parking.)
Question: why is this happening? The growth that is projected, doesn’t warrant this up zoning. Answer: there is a political push to up zone or add density in the light rail areas.

Terrie Johnston (terrie.johnston@seattle.gov)./SPD: said there is no representative in our area, but in the process of being assigned.

Talked about ways to be safer in your home. Know your neighbors’ name! Can walk your house with you and help us make it a less desirable target for thieves. Community outreach bureau – not a piñata party to beat up police but they bring food and have living room discussions. Have a sense of what is normal for your block. SNAP is good addition. Porch lights need to be on from dusk to dawn.
***Smart911.com safety profile for your cell phone so they know where your call came from.
Mail theft is going to go up with the holidays. Call 911 if you want report anything suspicious. Most of the time, thieves are caught by local watchdogs.
Most burglary happens during the day. Pick up all your mail and have neighbors pick up mail, newspapers, parcels, etc. while you are on vacation.

Andrea/SPD: we should use Terry to get an safety assignment for your house! The NEDPC is collecting socks for low income/homeless. Sock box on Andy’s porch.

Andrea/SNAP grant. Small area of neighbors…if we have an emergency, what would we do as a neighborhood? Who are the people who need special attention? Homes with only one person. Larger level is a “HUB” (say the whole u district) Starting a SNAP on 12th. 1st meeting on home preparedness. 2nd meeting on neighborhood/neighbor resources. Even though they are starting in a small area, all RNA members are welcome to attend! Participants will be getting items. Alperr@comcast.net

Joan/Park Project!!! Remember the celebration is on Saturday at 1:30. Project is finished, we will be having donated food, big ribbon and scissors.

Joan/”North of 45th” meeting in October: UW police attend. Tell the police if you know that students are causing problems.

Joan/Treasury Report: $1100 in the general fund.

Kate/Scarecrow Video: if they don’t have a good Christmas, then could go out of business. Largest video rental in the world. Streaming is the way of the future – added a coffee kiosk, selling videos, community screening room!! Classic movies during the day. If the community doesn’t step forward, it very well could die out. Tuesday are trivia night. Friday & Saturday is horror nights. Sunday is customer pick.

Gary/Microhousing: regular meetings with residents from capital hill, Ballard, Udistrict, etc.. Micro-housing is being defined by only one model. No efforts to determine how many people live there – assumption is only one person, but not the reality. Appeal hearing in early December. Not totally opposed to microhousing, but there needs to be a place and not in SFH.

Gary/Udistrict plaza:

Sound Transit ceded/sold the transit station’s above air development rights to UW.City sold air rights over the light rail to UW – high rise has been approved for that location. Discussions going on.

Gary/Greenway: proposal for 12th for greenway. Meeting on nov 20th, University Christian church 6pm.

Mary Grafious concerns about the trees. Contact info: marygrafious@hotmail.com

Adjourned before 9 PM!

RNA Board Meeting – October 8, 2013

Attendees: Mark & Emily Griffin, Andrea Perr, Joan Horn, Natasha Rogers, Matt Hoehnen, Marilyn, Nancy Bocek, John Switten

Andy- Checked updated contact sheet

Matt- NEDC meeting update. Discussion on the 1522 – discussing the labeling of foods that already labeled. Discussion on publicly financed running for public official election campaigns, which aims to bring greater diversity to those that run. Concerns include fraud. Presentations by two programs that house homeless youths, and mothers with children. (Youth Care & Friends of Youths)

Matt, Mark & Nancy- Attended the EIS kickoff meeting. Looking at three different proposals (no change, some change, big change) RNA to produce a response to EIS: wanting to add a category that requires a diverse population/housing. Extended discussion among board members regarding major concerns in neighborhood, mainly micro housing that limits diverse populations, and RPZ/parking issues. Mark & Matt to put together letter tomorrow.

Andy- NE precinct advisory council meeting update.

Andy- disaster preparedness. PACE (people’s academy community engagement) Matt & Andy got a sparks grant for a SNAP project. Sparks Grant will be paying for the SNAP (Seattle Neighborhood actively Prepare) project that PACE is providing!

Joan & Emily – Park party organization. Concerns regarding the equipment installation in time for the party. Inviting Sally Bagshaw to attend.
**new party date Nov 17th – 1:30

November Group Meeting –
Updates on the EIS.
Brendan Brophy to attend and give intro (Jana’s old position).  5min
Terri Johnston come speak. 15min total
SNAP intro by Andy
Park celebration

**Matt Pizza
**Natasha water
**Joan plates napkins forks, etc. If not, Barbara will
**Joan or Marilyn Salad

Flyers-half flyers
Designed by Oct 28
Printed by Nov 1st
distributed by meeting time

Treasures report- $1219 in general account. $1100 in parks account.


RNA Board Meeting – June 10th, 2013

Attendees: Mark Griffin, Emily Griffin, Sharon Dunn (Sharon.dunn@gmail.com), Judith Wirth, Andy Perr Matt Hoehnan, Natasha Rogers, Joan Horn, John Switten

NEDC Meeting Update: Matt Hoehnan. “Talaris” property use concerns. Landmark status? Nedc put forth a repaving project in Viewridge for the LPF (large project fund). Radio active waste at Magnuson park update.

UDLP Steering Committee Update: Matt Hoehnan. Several new committee members added recently, including Eric Larson & Richard Anderson. Clean & Safe Committee discussing the benefits of video monitoring. Two projects being funded: 1) similar to pioneer square – $15,000 to study what the area needs more of _____? on the Ave. 2) unsure. Dave L. gave update on urban design planning. And Brian, the facilitator, put forward an idea about how the leadership committee will look like in the future – a permanent, self-sustaining leadership growing out of the UDLP.

NE Seattle Precinct Advisory Commission Update: Andy Perr. North of 45th group, overlapping interests 15th street – structure, resources, interns; involves UW, students, SPD, campus police, multi-constituents. They can’t expand the boundaries, the but we can attend and participate. Questions from RNA board: is Christine still available to attend these meetings and report? Should there be a back-up RNA representative? or new individual? Sharon to volunteer? New ways of dealing with repeat offenders, mentally ill, etc. other than just arresting. (RNA to look into having Terry Johnson come speak at a general meeting) Jana Jorgenson is being replaced by Brandon _____. She’s moving to criminal division. Marijuana Ordinance: to put them in the industrial zones only – Wallingford, Fremont, etc. if it passes will go to the mayor. Nickleville issue: proposal to determine where they go, how they’re run, operator with a permit, money to get the residents into housing. Saturday July 13th picnic for NE District Committee Council – booths available.

Park Improvement Update: Joan Horn. Jane Rowley will be the main contact for the parks. Anne needs comments from people. Send in comments to Anne to make the decision!

Zoning/Development discussion: Nancy Bocek & Judith Wirth. Letter from Eric that he wrote to Dave LeClergue. Discussion on the zoning code for L2, typical L2 uses not evident for this area. Wanting a downzone for 9th on the strip, but not for church or school. Keep the zoning around the park as-is: no up or downzone. Dave stated that he has already changed the draft document to keep the zoning around the park, per Nancy et al request.

—another public RNA meeting with Dave – September 10th?

Submitted an amendment to take the area around the park out of the Urban Center Boundaries.

—Mark to write a letter of support for the amendment submitted.


RPZ Modifications: worries about the large developments getting residential permits. Desire for extended protections later in the evening. Both sides of 11th!! Dave said he is willing to put RPZ concerns into the draft proposal for Udistrict.


Treasurer Report: $1047 in general account, $8055 in parks account


Motion to remove Nancy, Mary, & Jennifer Keys removed from the bank account. Emily seconded. Passed with all in favor. Joan and Matt to go to bank to make changes.


Open Floors Items: Matt curious about membership. Joan discussing needing someone else for email and/or website!



RNA Board Meeting – May 13, 2013

In attendance:
Board members – Mark & Emily Griffin, Joan Horn, Andy Perr, Matt Hoenan, Natasha Rogers
Additional attendees – Kathy & Arn Slettbak, Mary Hausladen, Eric Larson, Gail Bullat, Judith Wirth, Roy Farrin, Nancy Bocek, John Switten, Andrew Titus

UDLP discussion-
Judith: The large group folks were surprised to learn about the developments in the area have been involved previously, prepared to work to their goals. wants to maintain the current zoning around the park. Phil Thiel supports keeping the same zoning.
Nancy: adamantly against rezoning the areas around the park. Especially north of 50th. Make a request to change the urban village boundary this coming Wednesday. Draft letter submitted to board to remove certain areas from the village – specific areas discussed in letter. Want to minimize that, since urban village wouldn’t require as much of community process for rezoning. While it could still be rezoned, just need more process if it were out of the urban village zone.  Want to save “older homes” because they are affordable, place to raise to children, to preserve the neighborhood. Want treetops and skies around the park.
Mark: UDLP aiming to put density into walkable areas from transit
Matt: all in agreement about about preserving our homes
Mark: deadline on Wednesday to submit an amendment to city council regarding the boundary.
Eric: concerned about the map show that they can upzone in certain map areas
Nancy/Judith: want to be able submit comments to David Laclerge (sp)
Joan: make a motion to meet with David Laclerge  in two weeks to discuss maintaining current zoning. Define our current zoning, urban village, and potential changes. Passed.
Matt: regarding the letter to city council to redefine urban village. To be read/email to support and submit comments to Mark by tomorrow evenings to write a RNA Board. RNA can “support” the letter written by neighbors. (All left…only John remained)

Micro housing discussion:
Mark: Gary has been hounding the city council to not allow. Pulling the tax credits from those projects.
Andy: counted as “low income housing” but it’s not, per square foot. So many units, so many people, so many cars. Perhaps if folks are in microhousing shouldn’t get parking!

University Playfield:
Joan: Anne Gantt is leaving the neighborhood. Plans for our review on the fitness equipment. Moving parts = maintenance = parks won’t approve. Done with fundraising for the park, outstanding donations.
Andy: are they packaged together? Do we pick and choose
Joan: to follow up with Anne.  Diane has stepped up as leader. Should be sending out updates people who donating.

Ice Cream Social
Joan: postpone social until playground opening.

Blessed Sacrament Update on Priory Renovation
Mark: discussing the zone change to accommodate new add-on priory roof.
Mark: motion to support the change to keep the roof, move village line. Major institutional overlay (MOI) Andy second. 5 in favor. One abstain. None opposed.

Treasure’s Report
$1000 in our regular RNA dues account

Open Floor Items
Andy: remind people to call whenever anything is a problem. Post on group email.
Joan: check in with people on the list – how often to receive, longer/shorter
John: his home purchased by developer, nothing on Dpd website about two properties getting developed.


Roosevelt Neighbors’ Alliance General Meeting – March 12, 2013

Acronyms and Terms

Andrea Perr distributed a guide to acronyms that may be heard at various neighborhood meetings, along with a guide to zoning abbreviations. These materials are meant to help neighbors navigate discussions that are generally abbreviation heavy. She encouraged neighbors to suggest additions to these resources.


Fun and Fit University Playground Improvement Project

Anne Gant updated the neighbors on the project to create a fitness zone in the University Playground Park. Fitness equipment was identified as the neighborhood’s top choice for improving the park at the RNA Ice Cream Social in June 2012. Friends of University Playground partnered with University Family YMCA and the Seattle Police Department for advice on programming and safety. In November 2012, we received a Neighborhood

Matching Fund Small and Simple grant to install the fitness equipment, and a committed group of neighbors has been fundraising for our community “match” to the city’s donation. Anne shared with the group what the equipment will look like and that it’s purpose is to encourage fitness, community interaction, and activity in the park. They are looking at equipment that is low maintenance, fits the budget and suitable for a wide range of ages and ability. The equipment will be installed in the SW corner of the park. They are still looking at various surface options. Concrete is the sturdiest and least costly to maintain.


Several neighbors commented on the project. Neighbors applauded the group’s work, asked who is liable if someone hurts themselves (Seattle Parks). Several neighbors preferred a soft surface. Anne shared with the group that studies have shown a hard surface is actually safer than wood chips. A rubber surface may exceed the budget. For more information you can visit the Friends of University Playground Park on Facebook.


Neighborhood Livability Partnership

Neighbors received information on the Partnership, including lists of the membership of each of the groups and committees leading the project. Goals of the project include addressing hotspots of crime and disorder; creating attractive public rights-of-way with clear alleys, maintained streetscapes, lively street activity and crime prevention; creating a safe environment for young adults and strengthening partnerships between law enforcement, UW, state agencies, transit and neighborhood associations.


Neighbors also received copies of the Urban Design Framework and saw an overview of the March 2, 2013 draft. Purpose of the project is to establish a shared design vision and implementation strategy for the future of the U-District, particularly in light of the rail station coming in 2021. A group of community leaders received funding from the Seattle Office of Economic Development’s “Only in Seattle” program, which supports this work. The group has articulated a vision through guiding principles, studies the existing conditions of the neighborhood and drafted recommendation for design. Areas of recommendation include: identifying gateways, hearts and edges and taking advantage of the opportunities they present; land use: support growing a mixed-use neighborhood with increased residential and commercial development in particular parts of the neighborhood they have identified as “clusters;” public space network: increase public spaces and design them in such a way to address public safety concerns and provide space for people of all ages and abilities; station surroundings: create pedestrian connections to the area, improve surrounding intersections, create “festival streets” around the station, create a publically accessible space such as a park, plaza, galleria or arcade, maintain thoughtful, continuous programming and management, and activate the alleys; urban form: encourage certain features of new buildings like pleasant sidewalks and public spaces, ground-related housing, space between tall buildings, variety of heights; building height: allow greater heights in some areas to stimulate redevelopment; incentive zoning: whereby developers can gain additional height by contributing specific public benefits like open spaces, midblock pedestrian pathways, large units, childcare, etc; retail activation: encourage street level business; housing choices: a neighborhood for all: grow with a broad array of housing choices; environmental sustainability and mobility: make sure that walking, biking and riding transit become easy, safe and practical for everyone.


One community member, who has lived in the neighborhood for 45 years commented that he has been involved in a number of similar sounding initiatives in the 90s, that seemed to result in little change or strategic development. Representatives commented that the U-District Livability Project may be different because it is such a broad effort, involving so many constituents, and there is still more room on the different committees and working groups.


Representatives from the different groups spoke briefly to the group, including Andre from the Business Development Group. Current business is targeted toward students and others with low dispensable income, wouldn’t it be great to diversity this? Ruedyi Risler represented the Clean and Safe working group. The group meets with police and officer Brian Thomas, the Dept. of Neighborhoods, looking at public right of way improvements, clear alleys, safety outreach to students, job programs for youth, and addressing the hot spot issue at the 4700 block of the Ave.


Matt introduced the representative from the Urban Design working group, David McClure. Matt stated that change and density are coming to our neighborhood and that some zoning changes have not gone the way that neighbors wanted, however that is why it is important that neighbors work with developers. There has been some input, but some of the residents of our neighborhood are not very aligned with each other in terms of their vision for the future. For the next month, David can accept feedback. David pointed out that there are a lot of cranes in our neighborhood and a lot of demand for development. Once the transit station opens, it will be a seven minute commute to downtown, that can bring a lot of professionals to the neighborhood. David said that the day following the meeting, electronic versions of the Urban Design Framework would be available.


North Precinct Liaison

Jana Jorgensen shared some updates about a new program that can declare businesses chronic nuisances, if there are lots of calls for service. Fusion Club is one of the first businesses they are looking at. The City has objected to their liquor license. They are working to improve parks, create policies for car camping, get human services and private church organizations out to homeless people to provide them services.


RNA Board Election

Members nominated the following leadership slate for the Board:

President: Mark Griffin
Vice President: Matt Hoehnen
Secretary: Emily Griffin
Treasurer: Joan Horn

At-large members:
Marilyn Every
Andrea Perr
Natasha Rodgers
John Switten
Matt Hoehnen, attends Northeast District Council meetings


ACTION: A motion was made to approve the slate of board members, and the motion was seconded and approved unanimously by all those who voted.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Natasha Rodgers