Fitness Equipment Options

Dear RNA/ U District Friends,

We need your help in selecting outdoor fitness equipment for University Playground. Please look at the images below and let us know which brand of equipment you like best.

The overall criteria we are using to select the equipment is below , but final selection will be done in conjunction with the Seattle Parks Department. In addition, please let us know if you have any concerns or if there is a particular reason why you like one brand over another.

Send an email to OR comment on our Facebook page:

Thank you!!

Overall Criteria for Selection:
– Provides a full body workout
– Signage clearly indicates how to use the equipment
– Equipment is vandal and graffiti resistant
– Proven record of low maintenance
– Equipment is easy to “read” as fitness equipment
– Equipment is fun and accessible for both beginners and advanced users
– Resources are available for free to enhance the usability of the project
– ADA accessible options are available
– Equipment shoule be designed for a large age range (for example, strength for younger people, balance for older people)

These are Energie


Energi 1

These are from HealthBeat:

Healthbeat1 Healthbeat2 Healthbeat3 Healthbeat4 Healthbeat5


These are from Norwell:

Norwell1 Norwell2 Norwell3 Norwell4 Norwell5


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