About Us

2015 Board Members


President: Matt Hoehnen

Vice President: Mark Griffin

Secretary: Laura Bernstein

Treasurer: Marilyn Every

At-large members:

Natasha Rodgers

Contact info pending for additional 2015 Board Members


Meet the Board

Matt Hoehnen   (Bio Pending)

Mark Griffin has been involved in the RNA for several years. As a Project Manager with Compass General Construction, Mark recently started a 134 unit mixed use project in downtown Redmond.  Over the last five years, Mark oversaw the construction of 484 units of affordable housing. He is a certified LEED Professional and has completed LEED Platinum projects in the past. He and his wife, Emily live in a beautiful, 1913 Craftsman home that they have been slowly improving together. As Vice President of the RNA, Mark strives for building stronger communication and sense of community within the neighborhood

Laura Bernstein (Bio Pending)

Marilyn Every (Bio Pending)

Natasha Rodgers, RNA Board member at large, has served as the Executive Assistant at University Child Development School for three years. Prior to working in the south Roosevelt Neighborhood, Natasha resided just north on Ravenna Blvd and to the west in Wallingford. Natasha received her Master of Public Administration at the University of Washington and her undergraduate degrees at the University of Georgia in Athens. Natasha has a passion for mission-driven organizations and believes that partnerships across sectors create strong communities for living, work and play.


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